Alternative  &  Emerging Varietals Tasting

Alternative & Emerging Varietals Tasting

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This tasting will feature the A-Z of wines from the astonishing to the unexpected...Aglianico to Zinfandel, Blaufrankisch to Touriga, Graciano and Nero to name but a few...

So join us and taste the obscure, the curious and truly wonderful. Find out what all the fuss is about in this wave of wine appreciation.


Monday 22nd October 2018


6 - 7:30pm


Ticket price includes your very own Riedel Red Wine Glass*

Our cellar restaurant - Open for dinner following the tasting - Reservation Essential


* Booking Terms & Conditions: Full payment is required at the time of confirmation. Once your booking is confirmed and payment has been received, regrettably no refunds/last minute cancellations will be permitted. Any changes to wines on the night are beyond Apothecary's control. Riedel Red Wine Glass retails at $20.95