Apothecary Wine Bar & Restaurant opened in December 2002 in a heritage listed building in the heart of the West End precinct – a true incarnation of a European-style wine bar. The name comes from the 140-year-old pharmacy cabinets which grace the front bar. They were discovered buried beneath layers of dust at the rear of an old Adelaide antique shop. Originally from London, these mahogany pieces feature pure crystal drawer handles with 18-carat gold leaf inscriptions. Tumbled marble floor tiles arranged in the same style as the footpaths of Italy are featured in the main bar. Classic Thonet chairs are drawn up to elegant solid marble and brass tables. Antique chaise lounges and seating have been rescued to create the unique and inviting atmosphere in the upstairs function room. Rustic brickwork lines the walls, and some 1200 wines quietly sleep behind intricate wrought iron work in the cellar restaurant. The historic feel is carried throughout with rich velvet carpet, mahogany cabinets and imported chandeliers.



Explore History - Embrace Culture - Experience Elegance



Open 7 Nights

Excluding Public Holidays


Bar from 5pm (Sunday from 6pm)


Dinner from 6pm


* Lunch enquiries welcome *